About Us

Here You Can Read And know All About US And Our Company History .

welcome to TunsiF

40 years ago, T U N S I F was established to design, vision and to serve the interest of our clients, by developing a strong concept image and a stronger market positioning

Our Goals

  • To provide the experience needed, and the under standing of our local culture and environment.
  • To executive local expertise , skill & service.
  • A total quality designing and marketing vision.
  • A professional and objective service.

company divisions

Our Team

Tunsif Amazing Management Team

Yazid Mohammed Al Tunisi

General Manager

Eng. Walid Mohammed Al Tunisi

Developing & Planing Manager

Mr. Riad Abdin

Executive Manager

Arch. Nidal Abou Chakra

Operation Manager


Construction Division Manager

Arch. Makram Bou Rafeh

GRC Division Manager

Our Equipment

Over Head Crane 25 tons(2 No.)

Mobile Crane 20 Tons (1 No.)

Electronic Generator 200 KVA (2 No.)

Air Compressor (Atlas Copco) (4 Nos.)

Bob Cat (1 Nos.)

Buses for Labours Transportation (1 Nos.)

Toyota Dump Rear Truck (1 Nos.)

Dyna Truck (Kia & Mitsubishi) (2 Nos.)

Pick-up (Toyota) (4 Nos.)

Furnished Porta Cabin for Site Mobilization (4 Nos.)

Electrical Mixer Machine for Plaster works (2 Nos.)

Compactor, 5 Ton Capacity (1 No.)

Small Plate Compactor (1 No.)

Heleyokopter for Concrete trowelling (1 No.)

Different Water Pumps (4 Nos.)

Lifting Gantry (4 Nos.)

Electrical Bending Machine for bending of Steel Re-enforcement.(1 No.)

Electrical Cutting Steel Saw(2 Nos.)

Vibrators for Concrete Works(4 Nos.)

Different types of formwork (Doka System) complete Accessories.

Different Types of Scaffoldings (Doka, SGB..etc) enough to execute 5000 m² of elevated slabs